Dacian words with Albanian explained, From Enbin Budima.

Credit, Pellazgo ilirët. Dacian words with Albanian explained, From Enbin Budima: Part 1: 1. Dacian ~ abeş - (really, for sure!), dialectal ...

Credit, Pellazgo ilirët.

Dacian words with Albanian explained, From Enbin Budima:

Part 1:

1. Dacian ~ abeş - (really, for sure!), dialectal Banat; from Albanian besë 'word of honor; faith', besabesë 'on my honor!'

2. Dacian ~ abur(e) - (steam, vapour), from Proto-Albanian *abulā 'steam, vapour' (modern Albanian avull).

3. Dacian ~ andrea - (knitting needle), Alb. shëndreu 'November', after Shën Ndreu 'St.Andrew'.

4. Dacian ~ argea - (loom), Albanian dial. argali 'small, wooden loom'.

5. Dacian ~ baci - (chief shepherd), cheese-maker, Albanian baç.

6. Dacian ~ baling - (dung, manure), from Old Albanian baljëgë  (modern bajgë, dial. balgë, balëg, balëgë, from Proto Alb. *balgā).

7. Dacian ~ baltă - (pool, puddle), from Albanian baltë  'swamp', Proto Alb. *baltā.

8. Dacian ~ barză - (stork, Ciconia ciconia), from Albanian bardhë 'white', bardhosh, bardhash 'whitish', from Proto.Alb *bardza.

9. Dacian ~ batal - (wether, castrated ram), Albanian batal.

10. Dacian ~ below, bălan, bălaş - fair-haired, blond (person); white-haired (animal), from Albanian bal(ë) 'white-haired; starred forehead', balosh, balash 'white-marked, piebals; dappled; hoary, white-haired, from Proto-Alb *bala, which is the same as the name of the Achilles horse called Balius.

11. Dacian ~ bar - (call to a sheep), from Albanian berr 'sheep or goat; also bari  ("shepherd")

12. Dacian ~ brad - fir  (Abies), from  Proto-Albanian *Brada  (modern bredh).

13. Dacian ~ brânză - (cheese), from Albanian brendësi 'intestines; rennet bag (made of stomach', identical to rânză (<rrëndës).

14. Dacian ~ brâu - (belt, waist), from Old Albanian *bren  (modern Brez 'belt; waist', mbrej 'to buckle'); replaced, from Proto-Albanian *breuna.

15. Dacian ~brusture burdock (Lappa), from Albanian brushtull 'heather', Proto-Albanian  *brustula.

16. Dacian ~ bucura - (to be glad), also bucuros  'glad'; from Albanian bukuroj 'to beautify', both from bukur 'nice, lovely', from Proto-Albanian *bukura.

17. Dacian ~ bunget - * dense, dark forest), from Albanian bung 'chestnut oak'.

18. Dacian ~ burghiu - (drill bit), Albanian burgi.

19. Dacian ~ burlan - (spout, water pipe), from Albanian buronjë, burim 'source water', Proto-Albanian *buroniā.

20. Dacian ~ buză - lip; edge, Albanian buzë "lip; edge".

21. Dacian ~ căciula - (high for cap), from Albanian Kaçule.

22. Dacian ~ căpuşā - sheep (Melophagus ovinus), from Albanian këpushë 'tick', derivative of kap 'to grip, snatch'.

23. Dacian ~ Caputh - toe (of shoe); low boot, from Albanian këputë "sole (of shoe)", këpucë "shoe", (Gheg) kpucë.

24. Dacian ~ cătun - hamlet, Albanian katund (dial. katun, kotun) 'village; herdsmen community; widely spread-out village".

25. Dacian ~ cioargea - crow, from Old Albanian *corrë (mod. sorrë)

26. Dacian ~ cioc - beak, Albanian çik 'hammer; knuckle'.

27. Dacian ~ ciomag - (club, cudgel), Albanian 'big hammer'.

28. Dacian ~ ciut - (horn less, poll; one-horned), Albanian shyt  'hornless' connected to "sutë" (a doe female deer).

29. Dacian ~ codru - (wide old forest), Albanian kodër 'hill; angular stone,  cornerstone'.

30. Dacian ~ copac - (tree), Albanian kopaç 'knot in wood', stump, trunk'.

31. Dacian ~ copil - (child), Albanian kopil.

32. Dacian cruța - (to pardon, spare), from Albanian kursej 'to spare; save money' (var. kurcoj), from *kurt (modern shkurt).

33. Dacian ~ curma - to stop abruptly, interrupt), cf.Albanian kurmua.

34. Dacian ~ curpăn - (vine, twining stem), from Albanian kurpën, kurpër 'cleamatis', from kurp 'traveller's joy, old man'seeking beard (Cleamatis vitalba)'; related to below 

35. Dacian cursă - (trap, snare), from Albanian kurth(ë), contraction of dial. kurpth, diminutive of kurp; related to above.

36. Dacian ~ daš - (ram), from Albanian dash, cognate to ("Daesiates") an Illyrian tribes that live in what is today central Bosnia and Herzegovina.

37. Dacian ~ drama - (to tear down, demolishte, destroy), Albanian dërrmoj 'whelm, to cut into pieces; plummet'.

38. Dacian  ~ drogue - crowd, multitude; a lot, back-formation from the plural droi, from Albanian droe, droje 'fear'.

39. DacIan ~ fărâmă - (crumb, morsel, bit), from Albanian thërrime (crumb), also ("ther") to stab, slaughter, snip'.

40. Dacian ~ gard - (fence), from Albanian gardh, from Proto-Albanian *garda.

41. Dacian ~ gata - (ready, done), from Albanian gat(i) "ready", also ("gatitu") 'to ready, prepare', it is used as a command to command someone to stand upright and to stand still.

42. Dacian ~ gălbează - (liver rot, fascoliasis, sheep pox, variant călbează; from Albanian gëlbazë, klëbacë 'sheep pox', itself from the Albanian word "kalb" (rot, to go bad) with a diminutive suffixe-zë, commonly seen in disease names.

43. Dacian ~ ghimpe - (thorn), from Albanian gjemb  (dialectal Tosk gjëmp, Arvanite gljimp, Gheg glëmp)

44. Dacian ~ ghinoaie - (woodpecker), from Albanian gjon 'scops owl', from Gjon 'John'; Albanian also has qukapik 'woodpecker' (< qukë 'owl' + pil 'woodpecker').

45. Dacian ~ ghiuj - (gaffer, old fogey), from Albanian gjysh "grandfather".

46. Dacian ~ grapă - (harrow), from Albanian grep (var. grap) 'hook'.

47. Dacian ~ gresie - (sandstone, whetstone), from Albanian gërresë  (var. grresë), 'rasp, scraper; drawing knife', from gërryer 'to scrape, scour'.

48. Dacian  ~ groapo - (hole, pit), Albanian gropë.

49. Dacian ~ grumaz - (neck), Albanian gurmaz 'gaping maw, wide-open jaws; esophagus' (variants gurmac, grumas, gërmaz), itself from the kurm 'trunk  (of the body), torso'.

50. Dacian ~ grunz  (lump, clod), from Albanian krunce 'coarse bran; sawdust' (var. grundë), derivative of kruaj 'to scratch'.

51. Dacian ~ gudura - (to fawn, cajole), from Albanian gudulis 'to tickle; pleasure'.

52. Dacian ~ guşă - (a bird'species crop; goiter; goiter), Albanian gushë.

53. Dacian  ~ male - lakeside shore, riverbank; coast) from Albanian male "mountain".

54. Dacian ~ mazăre - pea (Pisum Sativum), from Albanian modhull(ë) 'yellow vetchling', diminutive of madhë 'rye-grass, brome'.

55. Dacian ~ mânz - (foal, colt) from Old Albanian mane  (modern Tosk mëz, Gheg mâz = Foal). Also mânzat 'steer', from Old Albanian *manzat  (mod. Tosk mëzat, Gheg mâzat 'foals, yearling calf; bullock')

56. Dacian ~ măguraphael - (hill, knoll), from Albanian macula, a methathesis of gamulë.

57. Dacian ~ mălai - cornflour; dial. millet  (flour), from Albanian miell "flour" (var. mjell, mill), or mel "millet", Proto-Albanian *melua.

58. Dacian ~ ~ mature - broom, (cf.Albanian netull 'mullein', used ub broomaking).

59. Dacian ~ mire - (bridegroom), from Albanian mirë 'good'.

60. Dacian ~ mistreț - (wild boar), from Albanian mistrec 'captious, runt; brat, trouble-maker'.

61. Dacian ~ morman (pile, heap), from Albanian mori 'bunch, a lot, very large amount, majority' (people tableware, occurrence). Also we have Albanian words: Një mori e madhe, e pafund - 'a great bunch, a lot, endless'. Mori njerëzish - 'a host/a lot of people'. Një mori llojesh - 'a multitude of types'. Një mori të fjalësh - 'a host of words, and lot of words'. Një mori të dhënash - 'a host / a lot of data. Një mori ngjarjesh  (dukurish) - 'a host of events, a host of phenomena. Një mori veprash (fabrika should,  uzinash) - 'a multitude of works, a host of factories. 

62. Dacian ~ mos  (old man), from Albanian Tosk/standard moshë 'age', moshëm 'old, aged', (Gheg) mocë.

63. Dacian ~ mugure - (bud), from Albanian mugull "bud, sprout".

64. Dacian ~ murg - (dark-bay horse), from Albanian murg "dark".

65. Dacian ~ năpârcă - common adder, viper (Vipera Berus) from Old Albanian nepërtkë  (standard nepërkë, dial. nëpërkë).

66. Dacian ~ noian - multitude, heap; (arch.) abyss, immense sea, from Albanian ujanë "ocean", from ujë "water". 

67. Dacian ~ păstaie - (pod, capsule, hull), from Albanian bishtajë "pod, hull; string bean". 

68. Dacian ~ pârâu  (pl. pârâie) - (brook, creek), from Albanian përrua  ( përroi) 'brook, creek, torrent,  rushing steam'.

69. Dacian ~ păstra - (to keep up), from Albanian pastor 'clean'.

70. Dacian  ~ pupils - (hoopoe), from Albanian pupëz(ë), diminutive of pupë, Proto-Albanian *pupā.

71. Dacian ~ pururi - (duck), from Old Albanian *roça (mod. rosë)

72. Dacian ~ rânză - abomasum  (rennet stomach), Albanian rrëndës 'rennet', enlargement of rrend.

73. Dacian ~ ridica - (to raise, lift), Albanian  (Ng)ritur 'raised', për të (ng)ritur 'to raise', rrit, rritje - 'up, growth, to grow', të rritet në shkallë  - 'to rise in degrees'.

74. Dacian ~ sâmbure - (kernel; pip, core), Albanian sumbull "push button; bud".

75. Dacian ~ scăpăra - (to strike fire; sparkle, lighten), from Albanian shkrep "to shoot, to strike fire", shkrepës "flint", also in Albanian we have shkrepëtima, shkrepëtin - 'lightbing, brightness'.

76. Dacian ~ scrum - (ashes), older scrumb; from Albanian shkrumb; Proto-Albanian *iš-kruma.

77. Dacian  ~ scula - to get up (out of bed), wake up, Albanian shkula, shkulë.

78. Dacian ~ scurma - to scrape or dig  (with snout, claws, beak, tools), Albanian gërmoj 'dig, to dig'.

79. Dacian ~ searbăd - (insipid) from Albanian tharbët "sour" (standard thartë, dialectal tharptë).

80. Dacian ~ spânz - purple hellebore), from Albanian shpendër  (variants shpindër, spindër, spinër).

81. Dacian  ~ stână - sheepfold), Albanian stani.

82. Dacian sterp - ( barren, infertile), Albanian shterpë 'barren, infertile'.

83. Dacian  ~ străghiațăd - cottage cheese), Albanian gjizë.

84. Dacian  ~ stepede cheese maggot (larva of the cheese fly, cheese skipper; Piophila casei), Albanian shtrep "maggot, larva", Proto-Albanian *straupa.

85. Dacian strungă - ( sheepfold; narrow passage, canyon), from Albanian shtrungë, from shtroj 'to spread', from Proto-Albanian  *strungā.

86. Dacian ~ sugruma - (to strangle, to burke), Albanian, from sub "under" + grumaz/gurmaz "throat".

87. Dacian ~ suguşa - (to strangle, to burke), Albanian, from sub "under" + guşă "neck; goiter, gills".

88. Dacian ~ šale - (loins, small of the back), from Albanian shalë 'saddle; inner thigh'.

89. Dacian ~ şopârlă - wall lizard (Lacerta muralis), from Albanian zhapi (plural zhapinj) 'lizard' (var. xhapi, xhapik).

90. Dacian ~ tare - (hard), c.f Albanian tallë.

91. Dacian  ~ traits - (bag), Albanian trastë, trajstë, strajcë.

92. Dacian ~ țap - (he-goat; buck), from Albanian cjap  (var. cap, cqap, sqap).

93. Dacian ~ țarc - (pen, fold), from Albanian thark  (var. cark) 'enclosure (esp. for milking)'. 

94. Dacian ~ țumburuş - (small, round knob, nub), older țamburuş; from Albanian thumbull 'button; pin'; nearly identical to sâmbure (< sumbull) (see above).

95. Dacian  ~ urdă - (cottage cheese), from dialectal Albanian urdhë (standard hurdhë, dialectal urdhos). 

96. Dacian ~ urdina - (to go frequently, visit; have diarrhea), Albanian urdhër  ("order").

97. Dacian  ~ vatră - (hearth, fireplace; home), from Albanian vatër. 

98. Dacian ~ vătui - yearling kid (goat); hare, Albanian ftujë  (Cham ftulë, Arbëresh vëtulë)

99. Dacian ~ viviezure - (badger), from Albanian vjedhull, from vjedh "to steal".

100. Dacian ~ zară - (buttermilk), from *dzara, from Albanian dhallë, (Gheg) dhallt(i).

101. Dacian ~ zer - (whey), Albanian hirrë, from Proto-Albanian *ksirā. 

102. Dacian ~ zgardă - (dog collar), from Albanian shkardhë 'dog chain; (dial.) wocker gate in fencr', from sh- + gardhë 'fence'.

103. Dacian ~ zgâria - (to scratch), Albanian gërvish.

Part 2: 

1. Dacian ~ *aba, apa - (water, river), Albanian amë "river bed", (< Proto-Albanian *abnā), Apos is a Dacian or Illyrian river name.

2. Dacian ~ *among - (stone, rock), Albanian kesaj "sickle". 

3. Dacian ~ *aksi - (black), PN Άξιοπα (Axiopa), town in Scythia Minor, RN Axios, Macedonian river (now Vardar), Albanian. i zi  "black", nxij "tarnish", (Gheg) A zi "Is Black".

4. Dacian *albo - (white), Albanian elb  (< Proto-Albanian albi "barley".

5. Dacian ~ *auras, *auro (water), Albanian ujëra "waters".

6. Dacian ~ *balas, *balos - (strong), Albanian  (Gheg) ballas "facing danger", për-ballë "to face, defy".

7. Dacian ~ *berza - birch-tree  (Bot. Betula), Albanian bredh (<earlier *berdh)

8. Dacian ~ *bur, buris - (plentiful, rich, swollen) Albanian boll ("plenty").

9. Dacian *brukla - cranberry  (Bot. Vaccinium Oxycoccus), Albanian brukë "tamarind".

10. Dacian ~ *buta(s) - (house, hut, dwelling), Albanian bujt "dwell, accommodate", bujoint "small house".

11. Dacian ~ *čuk - (peak, summit), Albanian çuka "crest", suka "hillock".

12. Dacian ~ *d(i)egis - (burning, shining), Albanian djeg  ("burn")

13. Dacian  ~ *dita(s) - (light (noun), bright  (adj.), Albanian ditë  ("day"), Thracian *ditas.

14. Dacian ~ *drasda - thrush  (bird), Albanian trishta.

15. Dacian ~ *dribaz/*drigas - (wild, restless), Albanian dridhem "to shake, tremble".

16. Dacian  ~ *duia - (swamp or mist, drizzle), Albanian ndyjust "dirt".

17. Dacian ~ *dūmas - (dark brown), Albanian tym ("fog, smoke, uncertainty").

18. Dacian ~ *genukla - (pasture, meadow), Albanian gjanë "river mud".

19. Dacian ~ *geras - good (-natured), kind, Albanian gjorë "miserable, wretched".

20. Dacian ~ *germas - (hot, warm), Albanian zjarm "fire, heat".

21. Dacian ~ *gira  (giria) - forest or mountain), Albanian gurë "stone".

22. Dacian  ~ *griva - (river-bed or river-mouth), Albanian gravë "cave, lair", Thracian . ? *grava  ("valley" or river-bed").

23. Dacian ~ *kapas - (hill, slope), Albanian kapë  ("huge heap").

24. Dacian ~ *karpa - (to cut, stone),
Albanian karpë  (*karp-m-) ("stone"), këput "to cut".

25. Dacian ~ *katas - (stable, animal enclosure), Albanian katoq, kotec, "animal enclosure".

26. Dacian ~ *kurta - grove  (stand of planted trees, often sacred), Old Proto-Albanian *korto, Mod.Albanian. korije "grove".

27. Dacian ~ *lug - (swamp, bog), Albanian lug  ("trough"), ligatinë ("bog"), luginë  ("valley"), Illyrian - *elos lougeon.

28. Dacian ~ *musas - (mould, moss), Albanian myshk "mould, moss".

29. Dacian ~ *nara(s) - (river, brook), Albanian hum-nerë "precipice,  chasm".

30. Dacian ~ *net - (flow), Albanian not "to swim".

31. Dacian ~ *pala, (swamp, bog), Albanian pellg  ("swamp").

32. Dacian ~ *per - (son), Albanian bir  ("son")

33. Dacian ~ *preida - pine-tree  (Bot. pinus), Albanian bredh ("first,  tree").

34. Dacian ~ *rabo, rebo - ('to move' 'to flow' 'be in motion'), Albanian rrjedh  ("to flow").

35. Dacian ~ *ramus - (peaceful, restful), Albanian ramun  ("fallen asleep").

36. Dacian ~ *ro(u)ka - (drizzle, fine rain), Albanian rrjedh "to flow" or rajka "falling (snow rain etc.)".

37. Dacian ~ *rus - (to flow), Albanian rreshje "precipitation", Thracian *Rousion.

38. Dacian ~ *sausas - (dry), Albanian thatë "dry".

39. Dacian ~ *skabas - (sharp, quick, lively), Albanian i shkathët "quick, prompt", also in Albanian the word Shkaba  ("eagle"), also  (zhgabë, shqipe, shkype), i shpejt si shkaba ("quick like eagle"), from Proto-Albanian *iš-gabā.

40. Dacian  ~ *skuia - fir-tree (Bot.), Albanian hu, (Gheg) hû, huni - "stake, picked, pole", from Proto-Albanian *skuna.

41.  Dacian - *skumbras (hill, down), Old Albanian zëmbres, zbres  ("to go down").

42. Dacian ~ *spirus - (fast, quick, rapid), Old Albanian shpjertë, Albanian shpejtë "fast, quick".

43. Dacian ~ *stendas - (stiff, rigid, viscose), Albanian tendos "rigid".

44. Dacian  ~ *suka - (rip, tear, gap), Albanian shuk or shkun "to shake, beat, push", Thracian *succi.

45. Dacian  ~ *suras - (salty), Albanian shurrë "uring,  sour liquid".

46. Dacian ~ *taras - (chatterer, gossiper), Albanian thërras "call".

47. Dacian ~ *tut  (blow, emit smoke), Albanian tyta "pipe, barel", tym, tymos "smoke, to smoke".

48. Dacian ~ *urda(s) - (stream, brook), Albanian hurdhë "brook".

49. Dacian ~ *varpa - (whirpool), Albanian vorbull "whirlpool".

50. Dacian ~ *zalmo - (fur, skin, shield), Albanian thelmë "rag, patch" (in sewing).

51. Dacian ~ *zelmas - shoot (of a plant),çel  ("blossom").

52. Dacian ~ *zud-as - (careful, precise), Albanian kujdes  ("to take care").

Part 3:

1. Dacian ~ *draga - (yeast), Albanian drā.

2. Dacian ~ *gen - (to hunt, to chase), Albanian gjanj  (hunt, chase).

3. Dacian ~ *gerna - (skin), Albanian zorrë.

4. Dacian ~ *kasla - (cough), Albanian kollë.

5. Dacian ~ *kesa - (time), Albanian kohë.

6. Dacian  ~ *kur - (when), Albanian kur  (when, as).

7. Dacian ~ *lad - (hazel-bush), Albanian lethi, laithi.

8. Dacian *laid - (mud, loam), Albanian leth(-dhi)

9. Dacian ~ *mat - (to measure, mass), Albanian mat, mas, matë.

10. Dacian ~ *met - (year, time), Albanian mot.

11. Dacian ~ *skebr - hornbeam tree: Carpinus betulus), Albanian shkozë.

12. Dacian  ~ *staig - (way, path, passage), Albanian shteg.




Alldailydose: Dacian words with Albanian explained, From Enbin Budima.
Dacian words with Albanian explained, From Enbin Budima.
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